Board of Directors

Board members may serve as many as two consecutive
three-year terms.

When it comes to mobilizing the work of many for the greater good, leadership counts more than ever.



 Board Members and Officers

Leroy Anderson

John Asman

Julia Burley: Gala Chair

Walter Caudle: Co-Vice Chair, Rotational Church Model Readiness & Capacity Plan

Brooke Chehoski: Golf Tournament Chair

Nicole Counts: Co-Chair Communications

Laura Covington: Secretary, Resource Development, Board Development

Pate Graham:  Housing Committee Chair

Aisha Haynes, EdD : Co-Chair Communications, Rotational Model Task Force

Clyvincent Lemon:  Housing Committee

Betty Melvin: Co-Vice Chair, Resource Development

Jeff Thordahl: Chair, Board Development

Beth Trump:  Housing Committee, Golf Tournament

Leslie Walker: Treasurer

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